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Medical Student OSCE stations are used by medical schools to assess your clinical skills in a structured, safe and fair environment. Stations cover a large range of competencies including examinations, history taking, communication, procedures, data interpretation and prescribing. Each station aims to simulate a real patient encounter and allows an examiner to see first hand how you are performing. The marking is objective, so if you meet the criteria you get the marks. 

Each of our stations has been specially written to simulate what the actual exam will be like. Each station can cover key differentials, investigations and initial management. Aims to be interactive as possible, providing chest x-rays, heart and chest sounds, arterial blood gas results, ECG's as well as much more. 

We are an online Medical Education community created to help you refine your OSCE practice for your upcoming exams. We think our stations work in a much more interactive way than a book can, giving you more complete practice. 

At times you may see some adverts on the site, these are to help pay for the running of the site.

How to use this site

As a guest or logged in user you can use any station on the site. 

We advise you complete stations in a minimum of pairs. One should be the candidate and the other is the actor / marker. 

Get the actor to read through their script, when they are ready get the candidate to read through their instructions. 

When you are ready to start the station / timer you can click any marking point to start or click the green station timer button. 

Click all the marking points that apply. As you will see each marking area is worth either 1 or 2 points, you will require a minimum amounts of sub-points to achieve these marks. This is done because other raw marking methods over or under mark users based on different score domains, so this is more fair overall.

When you have completed the station, scroll to the bottom of the mark scheme and click submit station. 

This will take you to the feedback page which will give you a breakdown if your score, the pass mark and the average user score. 

A breakdown of all the marking points will be available. 

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