Hi, My name is Sam, I am an anaesthetics trainee and the creator of AMECS.

At medical school I found practising for OSCE’s a bit unproductive. I wished there was a simulation packaged that could emulate how an OSCE actually was.  I started this project when I was at Medical School and managed to launch this site when a started the foundation program. 

I never provided any instructions for the site but my aim was you would work in two’s or three’s – one being a candidate and an actor / marker. You should objectively mark each other, working through any questions / content at the end of stations and then debrief in a structured way.

My aim has always been to produce better doctors – and I strongly believe that structured practice allows you to focus on your weakness in a supportive environment. I hope that by working through these example stations you have been able to refine your communication and diagnostic skills.

I must thank all the contributors to the site along the way – without their passion and respect there wouldn’t be a site today. These included all of those who have reviewed stations, written code and provided valuable feedback.

This site originally started as a business to help fund the software to make the stations software run correctly. I then had so many messages saying this site would be useful towards a wider audience. When COVID started i only felt it was right to open up this site and make it completely free to anyone who wishes to access it. Every month this site was grown in use – in July 2021 we had 10K unique views in 44 different countries. I am completely blown away by this support. 

We have recently introduced adverts on the site – this should allow me to keep this site free to use. All adverts have no affiliation with AMECS but we do receive a small commission when you click a link.

Many of you have emailed me with lovely messages and feedback on the site and I really appreciate all of your kind words. Many times I have thought about shutting down this site but I have kept it going because of all of the members who have appreciated using the site.

I haven’t previously opened up writing stations to the public yet – but if you’re interested in writing an OSCE station or getting involved in this project please send me an email on [email protected] I can send you a template and if your station is approved I can provide you with a certificate. 

Thank you – and good luck with all your exams!