Hi, My name is Sam, I am an anaesthetics trainee and the creator of AMECS.

The core aim of this site has always been to produce better doctors. People who have asked me for advice on how to prepare for OSCEs may that be first time sitting these exams or resits usually get the same reply from me – as the South African golf player Gary Player once said “The harder I practise, the luckier I get.” This site aims to give you give you practice in a structured environment.

I strongly believe that focused practice allows you to focus on your weakness in a controlled environment. I hope that by working through these example stations you have been able to refine your communication and diagnostic skills.

Originally this site had a paywall to help start the project. I then had so many messages saying this site would be useful towards a wider audience. When COVID started i only felt it was right to open up this site and make it completely free to anyone who wishes to access it. Every month this site was grow in popularity and is used by over 40 different countries. I am completely blown away by this support!

Throughout covid I have received many emails from people saying they have used this site to augment the clinical exposure they have missed. I think it is real testament to students all around the world how they are carving out their own learning opportunities in such a bizarre training landscape at present.

I never provided any instructions for the site but my aim was you would work in two’s or three’s – one being a candidate and an actor or marker. You should objectively mark each other, working through any questions or content at the end of stations and then debrief in a structured way.

I must thank all the contributors to the site along the way – without their passion and respect there wouldn’t be a site today. These included all of those who have reviewed stations, written code and provided valuable feedback.

We have recently introduced adverts on the site – this should allow me to keep this site free to use. All adverts have no affiliation with AMECS but we do receive a small commission when you click a link.

Many of you have emailed me with lovely messages and feedback on the site and I really appreciate all of your kind words (sorry if I haven’t replied to your message but I do read them all.) Many times I have thought about shutting down this site but I have kept it going because of all of the members who have appreciated using the site.

I haven’t previously opened up writing stations to the public yet – but if you’re interested in writing an OSCE station or getting involved in this project please send me an email on [email protected] I can send you a template and if your station is approved I can provide you with a certificate. 

Thank you – and good luck with all your exams!